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Attention Head Football Coach . . .

The deadline to nominate for your team is Wednesday, January 3.

Again, please include postseason stats in your season totals. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY FAXED/E-MAILED ME NOMINATIONS, great, put this in File 13 — providing you sent me ENOUGH information. I GOTTA HAVE BASIC STATS. You are limited to SIX nominations (a player nominated at QB and DB counts as two nominations). The all-purpose athlete, punter, place-kicker and kick-returner DO NOT count toward the six.
On offense, we'll select three running backs, two split ends, a tight end, a center, and four offensive linemen. Remember, make sure to list WHAT POSITION YOUR OFFENSIVE LINEMAN PLAYS (G, C, T), if not, I'll place him for you.

On defense, we'll select four linemen, four linebackers and four defensive backs.

Don't forget about all-purpose athletes, place-kicker, punter and KICK-RETURNER. Include ONLY football stats and honors.

You can e-mail me at: or fax nominations to 979-776-8923. Please try to avoid calling me if possible, it would be way too much if every coach tried to call. You can contact me via fax or e-mail (I'll confirm e-mails as I go through them). If you are worried about me getting it, fax it AND e-mail. I've found that works out, I'd rather have it twice than not at all. Thanks. I'll work for you if you work for me. If you are still in the playoffs, you can send in nominations this week and update when the season is over — so you don't forget.


Attention Volleyball Coaches . . .

The deadline to nominate for your team is Monday, December 4.


Coaches, ASAP when your season concludes, please take a few minutes to nominate players for the Texas Sports Writers Association All-State Volleyball Team.

Players do not have to be seniors.

To nominate, please send information to Jack Stallard, sports editor at the Longview News-Journal:

Nominations must include: 

CLASSIFICATION OF TEAM: (1A, 2A, etc… PLEASE INCLUDE THIS!)_________________________
POSITION (Outside hitter, middle blocker, setter, Libero):_________________________
FINAL SEASON STATS:_________________________

Deadline to nominate is Monday, December 4.


2023 All-State Baseball Teams Announced


2023 All-State Softball Teams Announced

Attention Coaches, Parents, Players and Fans! ...

When All-State football and volleyball teams are released and you look for a player that didn't make one of the teams -- please do us a favor before sending an irate E-mail listing all the reasons why your player was deserving to be on one of these teams.

We can't select players if they were never nominated. Coaches and/or sports writers are the only ones who can nominate a player(s). If they are not nominated - our writers can't vote on someone who is not on the ballot. So check with your coach FIRST to see if the player was even nominated.

There is no way a single sports writer, who compiles the ballots, can know every player across the state. Coaches are the life-line in helping us select players. If coaches choose not to participate in submitting their players -- then we can't do anything beyond that.